Legends Revisited - bringing back your favourite music stars of the past to the present
relive your life through the medium of song, performed in character as an homarge to the original stars...

Tina Turner - Freddie Mercury - Elvis Presley - Swing

About - Legends Revisited

This comprehensive fun packed muti-tribute to the stars beggars belief. How can one man cover some many different artist and styles in one explosive evening of pleasure. Containing loads of your all time favourite numbers, Kenny's Legends Revisited covers all your guilty pleasures and more.

Constant re-bookings are testament to the popularity of this act and it a very special act, one is best seen rather than described to be able to appreciate just what goes into making it what it is.

Kenny act as Legends Revisited encourages some audience participation and interaction from time to time, making you feel a part of the whole nights entertainment as well.

It is a totally self contained act comprising of a full sound PA rig to suit each venue, an assortment of lighting dependant on each venue and their facilities and of course the man himself with his selection of character based stage-wear.

Legends Revisited is also available as a two piece act on request to cover an even greater scope in their musical repertoire. Making it possible for the Legends do perform a Blue Brothers style act and Frank and Deano swing set.

You can ring Kenny anytime to get a more comprehensive outline of his present line-up and repertoire and get a quote for your planned event, big or small.